My Favorite Things: July 2016

I can’t believe it’s already August! Where did all the time go? To start this month, I’ve listed down My Favorite Things from July.


Sennelier Half-Pan


July was World Watercolor Month so I decided to finally splurge on some Artist Quality paint. All I could afford at the moment was this half-pan Sennelier Rose Madder Lake though. But I love the color and I love how the paint is so pigmented!

I hope to purchase an Artist Quality set a few months from now.


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Timeless Thoughts: Top 10 Non-Disney Songs

I know most of us grew up with Disney. I sure did; the Disney Renaissance was a great time to be a kid. But we can’t ignore how because of Disney’s rise, there were other animated studios spawning movies of their own. And they had some good songs too.

In this Timeless Thoughts entry, I’ll be talking about my favorite songs featuring some of those non-Disney movies I remember watching as a kid.

The list is only limited to movies of the following criteria: must be animated, must be a non-Disney movie to have been released during Disney’s Renaissance Period, and the song/s must come from a movie I watched as a child.



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