Timeless Thoughts: Top 10 Non-Disney Songs

I know most of us grew up with Disney. I sure did; the Disney Renaissance was a great time to be a kid. But we can’t ignore how because of Disney’s rise, there were other animated studios spawning movies of their own. And they had some good songs too.

In this Timeless Thoughts entry, I’ll be talking about my favorite songs featuring some of those non-Disney movies I remember watching as a kid.

The list is only limited to movies of the following criteria: must be animated, must be a non-Disney movie to have been released during Disney’s Renaissance Period, and the song/s must come from a movie I watched as a child.



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Taiwan Trip 2016

Hey all! I’ve been missing in action because of two things: I got sick and number two: I did some traveling! (It’s why I got sick.) Here’s a documentation of my recent Trip to Taiwan with my family:

To celebrate the graduations of my siblings (and perhaps mine too from last year), we decided to go on a family trip to Taiwan (June 20 – 25, 2016).

Warning: Photo-heavy post!


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Creative Talks

There was a free Creative Talk event not far from my place so I dragged my friends along and we attended. There were four speakers: Abbey Sy, Alessa Lanot, Tippy Go, and June Digan. All of them are acclaimed artists from the Philippines with a huge following online.

The talk got me more motivated to pursue this art career of mine. It may be unconventional and different but these speakers are proof it is sooooo worth it!

Here are some photos I took of their presentations. I only used my phone to take them but I hope they will still inspire you!



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